PLA group


Work with us:  

We are currently recruiting PhD and postdocs.

Already in the Bay area? Come to our group meetings on Mondays at 4pm in Latimer Hall 403.

Further afield? Contact us for more information, and also to discuss fellowship opportunities.

Labs and Offices:

Latimer Hall, 537, College of Chemistry, UC Berkeley, CA 94720-1460, US. Assistant: Anneke Runtupalit  |  |  +1 510 642 2044

Bldg 50B, 4245  |  MS 50B4230  |  1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720-8099, US. Assistant: Nancy Muto |  |  +1 510 486 5767

cell +1 510 612 6883 @ProfArno

Our Research Labs:

Synthesis and catalysis: Latimer Hall, 539, 547. See also the CATlab. Transuranic chemistry: Bldg 70, rms 203/209 (where our single crystal X-ray diffractometer is situated) and the HERL (Heavy Element Research Lab) where we study transuranic chemistry in inert atmosphere glove boxes. The HERL is a unique facility in which Berkeley Lab’s Heavy Element Chemistry Program works together to study the fundamental chemical properties of the transuranics. We are able to work with any isotope in this facility. See also HEC.